Temecula Valley Alpacas

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Sold Huacaya Alpacas

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Open (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
AAA Snowmass Incan Alpamayo's Amber Huacaya Open (Female) Medium Brown 16 yrs Sold
Bonny Treasure Huacaya Open (Female) Beige 15 yrs Sold
Erose Storm Huacaya Open (Female) Light Fawn 16 yrs Sold
Filia's Rosemica Huacaya Open (Female) Light Fawn 18 yrs Sold
Londondairy Aruba Huacaya Open (Female) 13 yrs Sold
LTA Desirey Huacaya Open (Female) Light Fawn 11 yrs Sold
LTA Margot Huacaya Open (Female) Medium Fawn 13 yrs Sold
Maybelline Huacaya Open (Female) White, Beige 11 yrs Sold
Shazam's Cassandra Huacaya Open (Female) Dark Brown 14 yrs Sold
SOLEADO'S ARABELLA Huacaya Open (Female) White 15 yrs Sold

Bred (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
LTA Copper Huacaya Bred (Female) Medium Fawn 12 yrs Sold


Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Bell Tapper (Tappy) Huacaya Male White 11 yrs Sold
Bogart's Blizzard Huacaya Male White 9 yrs Sold
Da Vinci Huacaya Male Medium Silver Grey 10 yrs Sold
Double S Smoke Showing Huacaya Male White, Dark Fawn 14 yrs Sold
Double S Smokeybear Huacaya Male Light Fawn 13 yrs Sold

Herdsire (Male)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
CMA Kaleidoscope Huacaya Herdsire (Male) Medium Rose Grey 15 yrs Sold
Daylight of R and R Ranch Huacaya Herdsire (Male) White 14 yrs Sold
Double S Hoser Huacaya Herdsire (Male) White 12 yrs Sold
LTA Keystone of R&R Ranch Huacaya Herdsire (Male) Medium Fawn 13 yrs Sold
LTA Winward Huacaya Herdsire (Male) White 12 yrs Sold
Snowmass Heart Song Huacaya Herdsire (Male) White 15 yrs Sold
Snowmass Royal Rhapsody Huacaya Herdsire (Male) Beige 15 yrs Sold